What will I Learn?

The skills and techniques to prepare you for the state licensing exam and a career in the beauty industry. We use the learning materials from Milady to compliment the instruction provided by our staff.

How long is the Cosmetology course?

Our Cosmetology program is completed in approximately one year.

How difficult are the tests and classes?

The Cosmetology course can be challenging to some, and may require study time to learn subjects such as anatomy, chemistry, and electricity. Our curriculum is geared towards hands-on and visual learners. One of the many reasons we love this industry is that creativity is most important. Our instructors are trained on how best to teach the material so that all students will succeed. Additional guidance is available for students as needed.

How will my day be structured? Will I work on real people?

Curriculum and hands on work takes place in a classroom setting only for the first 300 hours. After that, you will spend approximately 6.5 hours per week continuing the advanced curriculum and the rest of your time working on services and projects in our student salon

I struggled in high school. Will I be able to do this?

All applicants are required to take an aptitude test to confirm their basic reading and math skills and are required to provide their high school/GED transcripts. Students with learning challenges and/or below average scores are counseled by school staff as to the impact on their performance at Pinnacle Institute of Cosmetology. We have found that many who struggled in high school, thrive in our visual, hands-on learning environment studying a subject they love. Therefore, we consider these tests as a gauge for class academic curves and information to help prepare our instructors on how best to assist our individual students.

Enrollment/Attendance/Financial Aid

May I transfer from another school?

Transfer hours are accepted from another school upon passing Practical and Theory exams at Pinnacle Institute each at 90% or above rate. Pinnacle accepts 50% of the hours previously earned. Those hours are credited at the end of the program. See our student catalog for more information or contact the Admissions department for further details.

Does your school offer financial aid?

Yes, our school is accredited through NACCAS, and eligible for financial aid in the forms of pell grants (for those who qualify) and student loans. You can complete an application at the governmental FAFSA website. Our school code is: 017191.

What if I need time off?

Attendance in basics (first 300 hours of course work) and clinic orientation week is mandatory. After that, depending on your attendance and overall student availability, you may request time off with prior approval. We strongly encourage you to maintain good attendance and truly dedicate yourself to school so that you get the most out of your education. For more details see the student catalog.

May I have a special schedule to attend school?

We offer two full time programs to give you more options. Our 3 Day class meets Tuesdays – Thursdays from 8:45 am to 8:00 pm. Our 5 Day class meets Monday – Friday for the first 300 hours and then Tuesdays – Fridays for the remaining 1200 hours from 8:45 am to 4:00 pm..

What holidays are you closed?

New Years, Easter (Monday), Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2 days), and Christmas (one week). See student catalog for additional information.


Do we meet national guest artists?

Yes, Redken and other guest artist visits happen throughout the year.

What other activities can I look forward to?

Students participate in hair shows, charity events and other community activities.

Careers and Post-Graduation

Do you help to prepare me for the business side of the beauty industry?

Yes, it begins on orientation day and continues throughout your course with discussions regarding the business side of the industry as well as the work you do on the practical side in the student salon.

Do you help me find a job when I finish?

We provide placement assistance in a variety of ways including the Career section of the website, posted job opportunities, relationships with salon owners and graduates, and one-on-one assistance upon request. Our relationship with SalonCentric sales representatives may give you the opportunity to ride with them as they visit salons in the area. Students go out into the community on Salon Day and visit salons with other students and staff.

What can I do with my license when I finish?

You can be a hair stylist or nail technician, manage a salon, open your own business, work for beauty product companies and more.

What if I graduate in your state, then move to another site?

You would need to contact the state board in the state you are moving to learn about their process for licensing. For example, some states only require a change over in the license and name, while others require additional hours. It depends on the state you are moving to.

Equipment and Supplies

Are books and equipment included?

Yes. A complete kit of books, manikins, tools and equipment are provided to all students. Contents are specific to the course. Our exceptional kit can take you through the first year of your professional career. Learning materials from REDKEN and Milady are included such as books, online curriculum access, and interactive materials.


Do you provide housing?

No. There is affordable housing nearby and throughout the Mooresville / Charlotte area.

Is your school accessible by public transportation?

Yes. The Charlotte Area Transit System provides service throughout the region.


What cutting system do you teach?

The curriculum is provided by Redken and Milady.

When do I practice on a real person?

After the first 300 hours of basic course work, and two weeks of transition, and upon your first available day on the clinic floor.

May we work on our family?

Yes, we encourage your friends and family to be your guest for services. All students in good standing can have up to 10 family and friends who recevie discounts on services.

Products and Product Lines

What products will I be using in the cosmetology course?

We are a Redken Fifth Avenue Premier school and use Redken product exclusively in the student salon. The leader in the U.S., Redken brings NYC style and creativity with a commitment to help every professional “learn, earn and live better.” We use Bioelements for the aesthetics portion of the course and OPI for our nail services. Although we use Redken exclusively, we welcome visitors, salon owners, and guest artists from all manufacturer’s lines.