Facts for Parents

Thank you for visiting our website! We applaud you for taking an active interest in your child’s education and future career. We know they will appreciate your guidance in choosing a career and your support while they are in school.

The beauty industry is a big business and employs approximately two million people nationwide. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predict 13% growth in the industry from 2014-2022. U.S. News and World Reports lists hairdresser as one of the top jobs citing a 15.7% projected job growth in employment from 2010-2020.

Consider the fact that in our local area many Cosmetologists charge from $20 to $60 for a haircut. Add in hair color, and a vast array of spa services, and you can imagine why the future is bright for this fun and growing industry.

Although most Cosmetologists do work as hairdressers in salons or spas, there are other career options available. Licensed Cosmetologists can work as salon owners or managers, make up artists, nail technicians, sales consultants, educators and editorial specialists to name a few. The flexibility of the career may allow graduates to work part or full time or to schedule their work around their family and other commitments. It is also a very entrepreneurial industry. Most salons are owned by Cosmetologists who work “behind a chair” in their own salon.

Pinnacle Institute of Cosmetology is accredited by NACCAS, and therefore, our students have access to financial aid (Title IV funding – pell grants and students loans) through the U. S. Department of Education. Graduates receive a certificate and are thoroughly prepped for their licensing exam with the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art.

In North Carolina, the Cosmetology course requires 1500 hours of both classroom and hands on instruction. At Pinnacle Institute of Cosmetology, students can finish the course in approximately one year. Students learn all hair, nail and salon services, and advanced students practice their new skills and techniques on clients who visit our student salon.

The North Carolina State Board requires a one-to-twenty teacher to student ratio. Pinnacle prides itself on our well below industry standard of approximately one-to-twelve. We know the more focused attention pays off for our students in a hands-on learning environment.

At Pinnacle Institute of Cosmetology, we require additional services above and beyond what the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts requires. These additional services allow our students to graduate with more experience and a greater level of self-confidence. We recognize that success in the first year of employment greatly impacts longevity and happiness in the beauty industry. Although it does take time to build a career as a successful Cosmetologist, graduates are not likely to have issues finding their first job. Our experienced and dedicated team works diligently to assure our graduate’s future success.

Compare our Right to Know Statistics with other schools and you will appreciate the quality education that awaits your student.

NACCAS (2018)
Graduation Rate: 69.23%
Job Placement Rate: 85.19%
Licensure Rate: 100%

Although all types of students can succeed in Cosmetology, we have found that most students who are attracted to the industry are”right-brained” creative types who learn best through visual and hands-on demonstrations. You may discover that your son or daughter who struggled in a traditional learning environment in high school easily adapts and succeeds in our unique learning environment.

If your child is creative, artistic, good with their hands, social and enjoys helping people – this just might be career for them. We welcome and encourage you to visit with your son or daughter. And if they decide to enroll, we look forward to getting to know you when you visit them for salon services at the school.

Please contact us anytime with your questions and concerns. We are eager to help in anyway!

Kathy Nash, Recruiting Coordinator